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Becoming a Real Yorkshire Tours Guide...

...Helping visitors make the most of their visit to Yorkshire!

As a qualified Blue Badge Guide myself, I also have a network of colleagues I have trained with who are able to step in when I already have a booking.

But I am also on the look out for experienced Guides who may have a specialism in a particular subject. At Real Yorkshire Tours we offer specialist Guided Tours of Yorkshire and Bespoke Experiences, so if you feel you would like to join in and partner with us drop me an email

If you have a particular interest in a period of history, have insider knowledge of a particular location or are just very knowledgeable on an interesting subject and want to share this, I would love to hear from you.

I would need to make sure that you could meet Real Yorkshire Tours high standards of guiding and entertainment, but if you met the grade we could proceed on some form of commission basis for time dependent upon the type of work.