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Sporting Events

Cycling, Rugby, Cricket and much more...

Yorkshire is synonymous with sport - having famous football teams (Leeds United, Sheffield United, Huddersfield Town, Sheffield Wednesday), the most successful ever country cricket team (Yorkshire Cricket) , both rugby union and rugby league teams and much more.

More recently Yorkshire is being seen as the cycling capital of Britain, having hosted the Grand Depart of the Tour de France as well as having its own annual Tour de Yorkshire cycle race in May each year.

Yorkshire also is soon to have a premiership netball team - Leeds Rhonos Netball, 9 horse racing tracks, hosts the world snooker championships and even has ice hockey and American football teams!

If you are into your sport and want to take some in whilst you are here - just let us know. We will often know what games, matches or events are on as well as how to arrange the best seats or associated hospitality packages if required. Even something as simple as where best to park is often of benefit.

So let us know what you are interested in or if you would like some suggestions around your trip.