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Surfing Safari

Learn to ride the waves with a surf lesson

It’s not just Bondi Beach and Hawaii that are famous for surfing…the Yorkshire Coast has a thriving surf scene. The water may not be as warm, but with wet suits, hoods, boots and gloves there are some great waves to be caught.

This is a great day out for the family, we’ll take you to Saltburn where you can learn to surf next to its famous pier. We have links with one of the local surf schools which is accredited by Surfing Great Britain for providing professional coaching and a safe environment to learn and improve your surfing.

We’ll pick you up and aim to get to the location about 12am in time to get fitted out for wetsuits and boards. There are changing rooms on site you just need to bring a towel and swimming costume. (its always worth bring some warn clothes to put on after your lesson).

Your lesson will begin at 1pm and start with 20 minutes “dry land” instruction and safety briefing. You’ll then be able to get in the water and with an instructor at hand put into action what you have learnt. We can’t promise you will be catching any tubes but by the end of the session you should be catching waves and able to stand on your board!

If there are no waves, we may have to re-schedule or transfer to stand up paddle boarding instead.

After your lesson, there will be chance for a warm shower and a hot drink before taking a late fish and chip lunch at one of the café’s on the seafront.

With lunch out of the way you’ll have the choice of putting on some walking boots and taking a stroll down Saltburn Gill, an ancient semi natural woodland nature reserve and a site of special scientific interest or taking a walk along the old Pier then riding the Saltburn Cliff Lift (one of the worlds oldest water powered funiculars) into the old town to visit the local shops.

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