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Rockpooling and Crabbing

A traditional day by the seaside.

There is nothing like a good old fashioned Yorkshire day by the seaside - taking in a bit of nostalgia from the simple pleasures of discovering the life in rockpools with your net or dangling your crab line over the harbour wall.

We know he best places for a fun packed day out and also know a thing or two about what lives in the rockpools, helping you to know your tompot blenny from your goby, or edible crab from your common crab!

The day is obviously tide dependent in terms of schedule but as well as rockpooling we'll  bring the crablines and the bait for our olympic crabbing competition!

There are a choice of locations we can go depending on where you are staying but we do like the old fishing village of Staithes with its windy streets and cottages hanging to the side of the cliffs. There will be time for a traditional fish and chip lunch and exploring the village.

Depending on time we can add in a cliff top walk or a trip into Whitby to spend a pounds worth of 2ps in the amusements!

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