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Coal Mining in Yorkshire

Visit the National Coal Mining Museum

The National Coal Mining Museum for England provides a great day out with a unique opportunity to travel 140 metres underground and experience one of Britain’s oldest working mines.

The day not only helps you to understand Yorkshire’s industrial past, but as a national museum, it provides a genuine insight into the lives of hard working miners throughout the ages.

On arrival we’ll look around the old colliery buildings and see exhibitions and displays and understand what went on above ground. We’ll visit the Museum’s pit ponies in the Stable Yard and receive a specially arranged talk on the History of Coal Mining in Yorkshire.

One of the highlights of the day is getting kitted out into a hard hat and given a battery lamp, before stepping into a cage and descending deep underground to discover the harsh realities of cola mining. The tours underground are led by ex-miners who can bring to life, the realities of mining in a lively, engaging way.

We’ll learn about different ages of mining including the Victorian days when women and children worked in the mine with pit ponies, to the modern day drilling machinery and equipment.

Our tour aims to get to the Museum just outside Wakefield by approximately 10.30pm. We can break the day with lunch at the Museum Café, serving home made food and tasty snacks and usually leave at approximately 3.30pm.

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