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York City Walls & Chocolate

History and confectionary - the perfect combination...

York has so much history associated with it - from Romans and Vikings to Tudors and Stuarts - everywhere you look there is something relating to important elemets of York's past.

This tour will take you on a tour of the York city walls. This is a great walk in itself, but we will stop along the way to talk about various phases of the great cities development. Tales of life under the rule of the Roman legions, to rampaging vikings settling and making York their capital to the Parliamentarians seiging York's Royalist stronghold during the civil war will be explored in detail. There will be tales ghosts and gruesome acts as we bring York's history to life.

As well as all the traditional history York is also famous for its sweets and chocolates - with Terrys and Rowntrees both having been based in the city. We will book in at York's Chocolate Story, where we will not only learn about the York's history of chocolate making - but how chocolate's history dates back to Central America. 

We will get an hours tour from an expert and thereafter we will learn how to make chocolate, taste chocolate like an expert and uncover secrets about some of the world's best known brands - Kit Kat, Aero and Terry's Chocolate Orange. We'll also see some chocolate making workshops and if we book long enough in advance could get our group signed up to get our hands dirty making chocolate ourselves.

After we have finished here we have a number of options available for you to see and do, depending on the groups interests from castles, museums, boat trips or much more - York has so much we can be as flexible as you like.

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