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Dracula Trail

Come and learn about Bram Stoker and his famous creation...

This tour is run from Whitby on the North Yorkshire Coast where we will explore the towns links to the legend…

The story goes that in 1885 the Russian Schooner – The Dementor was hit by a terrible storm and ran aground near Whitby harbor – mysteriously the crew were all dead. As the boat ran crashed, a huge black dog was seen to leap ashore and run up the 199 steps towards Whitby Abbey…Bram Stokers Count Dracula had arrived in England.

We’ll aim to arrive in Whitby for lunchtime and visit the famous Whitby Abbey, exploring its gothic architecture and history. At this atmospheric building and visitor centre, you will learn about the long history of the Abbey and the daily lives of the monks who used to live hear.

 A trip to the Dracula Experience on Marine Drive tells the story of Dracula – in what the Daily Mail described as “an eerie, spine chilling show”. To calm you down after this scary experience – we’ll stop for a traditional fish and chip supper at one of the many fine restaurants on the seafront.

After tea we will meet a local costumed Story Teller at Whitby’s Whale Bone Arch. He will take us on a guided trail around the streets where Dracula walked and stalked – giving you an experience you will never forget! He’ll regale you with tales of vampires and ghost stories, which will chill you to the bone.

Dare you join us for this frightening look at the life of Dracula?

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