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Staithes, Whitby &

Robin Hood's Bay

Tour the Yorkshire Coast

This is a great day out for someone looking to get acquainted with the Yorkshire Coast. On this Real Yorkshire Tour there is so much to see.

We’ll head up north to the fishing village of Staithes. This is a favourite place for artists and photographers and was once home to the famous Staithes Group of artists.

We’ll walk down the cobbled street to the harbor, stepping back in time through a scene, which hasn’t changed in hundreds of years. It’s a beautiful village with white painted cottages with red tiled roofs clinging to the Cliffside, Yorkshire cobbles (fishing boats) bobbling in the harbor and the distinctive Nab – a sandstone cliff Staithes is recognizable for.

From Staithes we will head to Whitby to explore not only its maritime past, but visit the famous gothic Whitby Abbey. We will find out more about Bram Stoker and his inspiration for Dracula as well as enjoying some traditional fish and chips (The Magpie Café being a particular favourite).

In the afternoon we’ll travel down the coast to Robin Hood’s Bay, another picturesque fishing village with an interesting smuggling past.

Don’t forget to bring your camera, this really is a day to remember with lots of memorable sights.

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