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Industrial Yorkshire

Discover past industries from textiles, steel, iron & lead

Wool & Textiles

A trip around West Yorkshire visiting Leeds for a walking tour of the city which was such an important part of the industrial revolution seeing the sites of old cloth halls. We'll visit Bradford Industrial Museum seeing re-conditioned machinery in a real mill setting before visiting Saltaire to see Salts Mill - one the largest factory in the world built by Titus Salt in 1853.

Steel & Cutlery

Explore how Sheffield's cutlery industry grew side by side with steel production in this great "steel city". There will be visits to museums and tours to really get to grips with the heritage of both these industries.

Lead Mining in the Dales

Explore the history of lead mining in the Yorkshire Dales. See the remains of mines and  hear about the remote locations and life of a lead miner in the 1700's. We drive between Pately Bridge and Grassington before a walking tour of Grassington and the old lead mining trail.