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Ilkley Moor & The 12 Apostles

Pre-history up on the Moors

Visit Ilkley and explore the wonderful landscape of Ilkley Moor.

There is more to Ilkley Moor than being the inspiration for the unofficial Yorkshire anthem Ilkley Moor bah tat! The Moor has had human habitation since the stone age – but the bronze age that has really left its mark.

As well as visiting the 12 Apostles stone circle – built for ceremonial use 2000 BC, we can also tour the area and use GPS technology to track down a range of ancient Cup and ring marked stones to be found on the Moor.

Rombalds Moor (of which Ilkley Moor is part of) holds the second highest concentration of Cup and ring marked stones in Europe. Whilst no one knows exactly what their purpose was – they are a fascinating glimpse into the past – with names like the badger Stone, haystacks, the pancake stone and the pepperpot.

We’ll walk into Ilkley past the iconic Cow & Calf rocks and drop down visiting White Wells – where Ilkley’s Spa Town history started. Next we'll head off to view the famous Swastica Stone before descending the beautiful Hebers Ghyll once used by wealthy Victorian visitors to the town. As well as the archaeology, we’ll see beautiful moorland countryside and be able to tell you about the wonderful flora and fauna as well as shedding some light on the local geology.

Ther are stunning views to be had, no matter what time of year. There will also be plenty of time to grab refreshments in the many tea rooms and hostelries of Ilkley. The day can be run as a full day or a half day with a walking tour of Ilkley town centre.



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