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Fossils & Sea Monsters

Explore the Jurassic Yorkshire Coast

This trip is ideal for the young dinosaur hunter who wants to step back in time and discover Yorkshire’s own Dinosaur Coast.

Millions of years ago – Yorkshire was under a great ocean full of strange shellfish and huge marine reptiles. It then changed slowly into a large delta leaving behind dinosaur footprints in the mud, before turning into a shallow tropical sea home of corals and sharks.

How do we know all this – the story is in the rocks…let us guide you and bring to life this Jurassic ocean, taking you back 150-200 million years.

We’ll start our tour in Whitby, where I have been fossil hunting for years. After a short walk around the coast past Whitby's famous gothic Abbey, we’ll arrive at one of Yorkshire’s secret top fossil hunting locations where after a short talk – we’ll be able to start hunting for our own fossils. There's a great chance of finding your own ammonite and belemnite fossils to take home. On our return we’ll point out the dinosaur footprints – long lost casts of a real life Jurassic Park.

We cant guarantee it, but we have found friendly grey seals on the beach the last two times we have done this trip!

Back in Whitby, there will be time for refreshments and looking at our finds over fish and chips or a sandwich and cake in Sanders Yard.

After our refreshemnts we’ll visit a Whitby Museum in Pannet Park – a traditional old fashioned museum with glass cases stacked with fossils. The museum is home to some world famous speciments of huge icthysaurs and pleisiosaurs, as well as the museums most treasured fossil, a 3 meter long marine crocodile found in 1824.

The fossil hunting in Whitby is tide dependent, so the timing of the trip itinerary may need to be organised accordingley. We insist children wear hard hats and safety goggles (supplied by us along with geological hammers!).

The fossil hunting trip lasts 3-4 hours and can be strenuous. It is not recommended for people with pushchairs or walking disabilities. It is recommended that walking boots or wellington boots are worn.


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