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The Devils Arrows & Rudston Monolith

Visit Yorkshire's standing stones


This day combines two of the oldest pre-historic sites in Yorkshire with a drive through the glorious Yorkshire Wolds countryside (made famous by the recent Hockney – Bigger Picture exhibition).

The day will start with a trip to Boroughbridge to see The Devil’s Arrow – 3 magnificent bronze age standing stones on the outskirts of the town. We will briefly stop in Aldbororough to see the site of a Roman settlement before heading off to the Wolds.

The Yorkshire Wolds has much evidence of Bronze Age settlement and we can build up a story of how the the bronze age settlers would have lived and how their communities built structures for ceremonial puroposes which still leave their mark on the landscape.

We will see henges, dykes, long barrows and discover the importance of a water source known as the Gypsey Race. Our final stop will be at Rudston – to see the Rudston Monolith – Britain’s largest single standing stone dating back to 4,000 years or more ago.

There will be plenty of time to stop and take in the beautiful scenery as well as stopping for refreshements throughout the day.

Many people think that the history of Yorkshire starts with the Romans, but let us take you on a trip into pre-history and find out about civillisation 2,000 years or more before the Romans arrived on these shores.

We can combine this trip with trips to Beempton Cliffs or Flamborough Head.

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